shutterstock_142351813Société Congolaise des Postes et Télécommunications (SCPT) and TITC DRC Ltd have developed the SPV through a local subsidiary in DRC, TITC sprl, as an investment in the future of the DRC, its people and its businesses. Through the SPV, TITC DRC and the national government are providing the DRC with a national fibre infrastructure that will increase uptime, increase speeds on domestic and international traffic, and lower the cost of internet access.


Phase 1a: Muanda to Kinshasa

Running from the WACS connection on the Atlantic coast to a new high capacity metropolitan access ring in Kinshasa, Phase 1a will bring the benefits of fibre to the capital’s nine million residents and thousands of businesses, interconnecting with Brazzaville, Congo and Angola.



Phase 1a Map.


Phase 1b: Kolwezi to Kasumbalesa via Lubumbashi

Running from the SEACOM interconnection on the Zambian border, through Lubumbashi to Kolwesi, Phase 1b will start the process of creating a redundant network by introducing a second international connection to the country’s fibre network.


Phase 1b Map.

Phase 1b Map.


Phases 2 and 3: A Connected Nation

Phase 2 will connect the two major metropolitan rings via Kananga, and see an additional cable stretch North towards Mongbwalu and the South Sudanese border. In the years to follow, the network will then expand along secondary routes to cover all corners of the country.



Phases 2 and 3: A Connected Nation

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